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The World's Youngest Billionaires

There are 1,640 billionaire's in the world according to Forbes. Between them they have an aggregate wealth of $7.5 trillion. Impressive numbers!

Mark Zuckerburg Facebook Founder

But what's even more amazing is that 29 of these 1,640 super-wealthy men and women have managed to join the billionaire's club before their 40th birthday. The table below explains who they are in order from youngest to oldest.

Source Of Wealth
Net Wealth (billions)
Perenna Kei & FamilyReal EstateHong Kong$1.324
Dustin MoskovitzFacebookUSA$6.429
Anton Kathrein Jr.AntennasGermany$1.429
Mark ZuckerbergFacebookUSA$26.630
Albert von Thurn und TaxisDiversifiedGermany$1.630
Drew HoustonDropboxUSA$1.131
Scott DuncanPipelinesUSA$6.831
Eduardo SaverinFacebookBrazil$3.931
Yang HuiyanReal EstateChina$4.932
Fahd HaririConstructionLebanon$1.333
Marie Besnier BeauvalotCheeseFrance$2.833
Sean ParkerFacebookUSA$2.434
Ayman HaririConstructionLebanon$1.335
Julia OetkerConsumer GoodsGermany$1.6535
Robert PeraTechnologyUSA$2.136
Naruatsu BabaSmartphone GamesJapan$1.636
Jack DorseyTwitterUSA$1.737
Yoshikazu TanakaSocial NetworkingJapan$1.537
Lawrence HoCasinosHong Kong$2.537
Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila & FamilyBeerColombia$12.937
Yvonne Bauer & FamilyMediaGermany$3.537
Chase Coleman IIIHedge FundUSA$1.638
Nicholas WoodmanVideo CamerasUSA$1.338
Jan KoumWhatsAppUSA$6.238
Yusaku MaezawaOnline RetailJapan$1.338
Rahel BlocherChemicalsSwitzerland$3.038
Ryan KavanaughMoviesUSA$1.039
Liu QiangdongE-commerceChina$2.739
Miriam BlocherChemicalsSwitzerland$1.139

Where Does The Money Come From?

The list is a who’s who of modern technology entrepreneurs. 13 of the 29 people on the list made their money in the technology sector, the most famous being Mark Zuckerburg (the creator of Facebook) who incidentally is the 22nd richest person in the world.

In fact Facebook is responsible for 4 of the billionaires on the list.

It’s not all social media and smartphones though. There are some more traditional industry’s on the list including, construction, real estate and chemicals. There’s even a cheese billionaire on the list, the 33 year old Marie Besnier Beauvalot from France.


The United States is extremely well represented on the list. 11 of the 29 billionaire’s under 40 are US citizens. Germany takes second place with four entries on the list, and Japan is responsible for three.

So if your dream is to be a billionaire by the age of 40 the statistics show your best chance is to start a technology business in the United States. Alternatively you could open a brewery in Colombia or a cheese factory in France, but you might find some extremely established competitors in the area.

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