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Unemployment Rate By State - September 2014

The interactive map of the United States of America below shows the rates of unemployment by each state. Compared to the results of September 2013, there have been some positive findings. The most notable finding is that in total, 31 states now have lower rates of unemployment than the same time last year.

North Dakota's unemployment rate remained fixed and once again remained the lowest rate of unemployment. North Dakota is still experiencing an economic boom in the Oil and Gas industries and in addition to this, North Dakota is home to a number of universities, other educational institutions and military facilities which all help to boost the local job market.

The state with the highest level of unemployment in September 2014 is Georgia, this is attributable to a decrease of about 12,000 jobs in recent weeks.

However, despite North Dakota being the best performing state overall, the biggest improvement between 2013 and 2014 is Illinois which has jumped drastically from an unemployment rate of 9.1% last year, to 6.6% this year. This improvement highlights the fast growth job market in Illinois at this time, with around 20,000 recent job creations helping to improve this year's rating.

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Compare Results Between September 2013 and 2014

If you'd like to see the differences between each state year on year, take a look at this chart below which clearly displays the differences.

Unemployment rate by state chart

If you'd like to find out more information about the unemployment rates across the USA, check out The Bureau of Labor Statistics for more details.