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Expert Market Heads to Dreamforce

Expert Market's parent company MVF is heading to Salesforce's famous annual conference. If you’re a Sales or Marketing leader looking to accelerate sales and pipeline directly through your Salesforce instance, let’s chat at DF16.

Our US team is travelling the 1,760 miles from our headquarters in Austin, Texas to take part in the 4 day event in San Francisco, California.

Dreamforce attendees

Dreamforce is known for having amazing speakers. Their keynotes in particular are often given by famous names from various industries, from CEOs such as their own Marc Benioff and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, to actors and musicians like Jessica Alba and Dreamforce is not your average software vendor conference, keynotes have been accompanied by musical guest appearances from The Beach Boys, Bruno Mars and, this year, U2!

Exhibiting at Dreamforce is a huge opportunity for MVF to meet new businesses and share our vision on how we can help them thrive in a global market. MVF helps ambitious businesses to grow by providing them with high volumes of new customers. With over 150,000 attendees from over 91 countries we are hoping to make some lasting connections at Dreamforce. MVF has offices based in Austin, Texas and London, UK with over 300 staff across the UK and USA and 30 languages spoken in-house, so this is the perfect conference to grow our global customer base.

We will be tweeting all about the conference using #DF16 over on @ExpertMarketUS so follow us for all the latest news! Are you attending Dreamforce? Come visit us in booth 1949 to see how we can help your business grow.