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Are These The Best Cities For Finding A Job?

Last month we featured a map which shows counties and cities in North Dakota have the lowest unemployment rates in the United States, suggesting the state's recent oil and gas boom has made it the most job friendly part of America.

Washington D.C

However, another way to assess job friendliness is to look at the number of unemployed people in any given metropolitan area, and divide it by the number of advertised jobs in a month. A low number means there's less competition in the jobs market, and that workers are more in demand.

The table below shows the 15 US cities with the fewest unemployed individuals per advertised job in June 2014.

RankCityState/DistrictUnemployed Individuals Per Advertised Job
1.WashingtonDistrict of Columbia1.11
2.San JoseCalifornia1.20
3.New York CityNew York1.63
8.Salt Lake CityUtah2.37
12.San AntonioTexas2.52
13.St. PaulMinnesota2.53
14.Oklahoma CityOklahoma2.57

The figures were released by popular jobs website Juju. They divided the number of unemployed workers in each US metropolitan area (using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics) by the number of jobs for each city in their index.

So if we decide this is the best way to establish a city’s job friendliness Washington D.C would be ranked in first place, with San Jose in second New York in third.

It’s great to see Austin and Baltimore in the top 15. You may have seen the recent guides we put together featuring some of the coolest companies in each city.

We spoke to many business owners in both Austin and Baltimore and they had nothing but good things to say about their experiences of running a business in their cities.

If you haven't seen the guides yet you can see them here:

What are your thoughts on these statistics? Do you think it’s the best way to establish America’s best city for finding a job. Do you think Washington D.C is really the easiest place to get hired?

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