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Is Apple set to change the way we shop?

Apple Store
As many Americans and indeed the rest of the world wait with bated breath for the latest announcement from Apple, we take a closer look at one of the more popular rumors circulating the Internet in anticipation of September 9th; iPhone payments.

It’s no surprise that the way we pay for goods in-store has progressed rapidly since the days of the traditional imprinting. Whereas once we imprinted the card number onto two paper forms and submitted a credit transaction to the bank, today we wait in anticipation for the news that Apple will allow us to use our iPhones to pay for goods in-store.

Whilst it’s already possible to use an iPad as a cash register, using a mobile device to physically pay for goods will require stores to make sure their Point of Sale (POS) Systems are compatible with this technology. This may mean that companies across the USA will soon be looking to upgrade their POS Systems in favor of giving the consumer the best experience in-store.

Now Apple has reached an agreement with American Express, MasterCard and Visa, this iPhone payment platform sure looks ready to send this method of payment in to the mainstream. Alongside these agreements, it’s common knowledge that Apple already has millions of credit card details on record. This combined with the Touch ID feature on the current iPhone 5S could help to ensure that this is a secure way to purchase goods in-store.

We’re excited to see the results of the Apple event tomorrow and if you’re now looking to upgrade your POS System you can compare POS System suppliers across the country, right now.

Rumored iPhone 6 Features

Whilst some of these features may be less likely than others, you can guarantee there'll be some satisfied customers after tomorrow's Apple event.

Apple iphone 6 possible features

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