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What America's Economic Activity Looks like Split in Half

This map shows what America's GDP (or Gross Domestic Product) looks like when you split it down the middle.

Map of American GDP Split in Half

Click on the image to see a larger versionGDP is the officially recognized monetary value of all goods and services produced by a country within 1 year. Half the country's economic activity is represented by the blue area, and the other half is represented by the orange area. As you can see if is far from an even split. So what this map is showing that 50% of all the money generated in the United States comes from a tiny proportion of the country in geographical terms. It is of course much more of an even split in terms of population. The biggest economic contribution is coming from traditional economic power houses including New York, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Miami. Detroit's presence may surprise some as the city's economy has hardly been thriving in recent years. This map was created using Department of Commerce statistics for 2013.Update: 02/19/14 The creator of this map, atrubetskoy, got in touch with us to explain that he has come up with a better methodology for mapping this data. He has created a new map which shows the top 23 Metropolitan Statistical Areas and is a more accurate visualization of America's GDP split. We've replaced the original with the new, more accurate map.